Tuesday, 2 July 2013

How Europe and Central Asia can improve their energy infrastructures

Europe and parts of Central Europe, though forerunners in the green energy revolution, can certainly learn from their predecessors who have failed. Fair pricing, government intervention, and careful monitoring will help these regions improve their energy infrastructures overtime, and ensure victory for their technological revolution.  

According to a recent study conducted by the World Bank Group, despite internal improvements over the last twenty years, a vast number of countries across Europe and Central Asia remain energy exhaustive.

Don’t worry – there’s always room for improvement!

Through trust-worthy government intervention, the institution of a sustainable set of energy standards, and identifying high-need areas, these countries can drastically cut their consumption rates, thus cutting into our overwhelming carbon levels.

But why Europe and Central Asia? Why not North America or Southeast Asia?

In-efficiency, mostly. Over 60% of Europe and Central Asia’s energy is lost during processing! That means they’re forced to burn more fossil fuels. Mine more coal. Drill for more oil. Just to get the same output they should be getting in the first place!

At least we’ve identified a major problem in the region’s energy infrastructure. Once the problem is resolved, consumers should see huge savings – not to mention cleaner air and water.

Developing alternative energy programs and working towards improving existing efficiencies will allow countries to enjoy energy independence and security. In addition, businesses will become more competitive on the global market, creating more jobs and luring more private equity investors than ever thought possible!

Remember – no matter how comfortable you feel with your country’s current energy infrastructure, there is always room for improvement! So get reading, and researching, and help make the world a better place. 

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